Local Missions

We in the Church of the Nazarene believe that missions is not just some far away place in the deepest darkest African jungle.  We believe that missions starts at home.  Here in Pomeroy, we are involved in many ecumenical community events and programs as well as engage in our community.

Many other churches in town help us each year with the Summer Lunch Program.  Feeding students 18 and under Monday through Friday takes some work.  We have monetary donations from other churches along with volunteers to make the lunches.  The kids come into the church fellowship hall and put what they want for lunch in the sacks.

Summer Lunches

When summer is over, it’s back to school.  Do you remember what it felt like to have that new backpack filled with pencils and crayons and paper…so do we – and we put together backpacks with supplies for elementary students so each one has what they need for class.  Each one personalized with a note of encouragement for the new school year, this is what they look like, filled up and ready to go!


Not only do students need supplies at the beginning of the year, the classrooms often need supplies throughout the year.  Half-way through the school year, we get a list of needs from our teachers and do our best to fill those needs.

School Supplies

And, there are just those days when a student might need a bit more…an extra snack.  Many teachers – no matter where they are – keep things like that in their classroom, usually at their own expense.  We want to help our local teachers, schools, students whenever we can.  And we do so by supplying juice boxes, cheese and crackers, and even some granola bars for those days when you just need that little bit more.

Cup of HopeAnd we couldn’t talk about local missions without talking about the Cup of Hope coffee trailer.  Over $44,000.00 has been put back into our community through the Cup of Hope.  The profit of this little camping trailer flipped to be a coffee trailer goes back into the community.  Many people in the church and in our community have worked this trailer at many different events to help those in need.

We have also had the opportunity to give scholarships from the proceeds of the Cup of Hope trailer.  Joshua Kepner-Johnson was the recipient for 2022.

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